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?If you do not know where you are going, how would I know

?If you know where you are going but others do not know, how will you go

 Leadership is not easy but also not hard. It is all about people and how you as leader communicate with them. The hardest thing is that people are not the same, which means leaders need to understand people differences and find ways to lead them. Whereas the easiest thing is that all people are human and shared human values are acceptable and respected among all. Thus, it is leaders action toward followers, and to influence them. Leaders can address their vision, believes and ideas between followers by constant practice and actions of his or her believe and values.

At the same time by understanding and showing respect and awareness about followers needs and values. A leader cannot think about his/her self-alone, or about their company’s success and profit, but they need to think about their people at the first place. The action they take must recognise people and work for people, as people represent the most important sources to their organisation success. Smart leaders understand that, and work hard on their actions and make it more interactive, visible and emotional. Sharing does paly great part in transforming leaders vision into followers through actions. This can be by sharing ideas, decisions, responsibilities and therefore actions follow.

One question that has been always asked is, “How to transform leadership from theory into practice? Is it about awareness of certain knowledge, skills that can be developed through training, workshop and leadership programmes, or is it about obtaining competence through day-to-day work experiences? Leaders need to understand that what the books say can be totally different from what happening in real life. Although most of them trying to increase their knowledge and understanding of leadership by analysing the different views of leadership theories, even though it has no direct link to their work situations.

Todays work environment represent new cases, new situations and new challenges and therefore do not required the use of theory especially in leadership. It only required passion toward your vision, believe and trust on who you work with, and action to be taken not only by you “leaders” but also everyone in the organisation. This can be translated as strategy in which a leader develops within the organisation culture. What is happening today is that action of leaders comes as decisions, in which followers must implement, where in most cases they do not know why and how, and accordingly both has never be satisfied. Leadership is about taking clear-shared actions. It is about working together as each one of the team members is a leader. The following illustrate the order in which most leaders fall:

  • Vision is not communicated
  • Decisions of a leader only and never be shared
  • Leadership is one man responsibility, therefore
  • Actions never works
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